Be Creative & Stop Stealing Ideas!! Miss Hospitality Ambassador Nigeria Beauty Pageant

The management of Miss Hospitality Ambassador Nigeria Beauty Pageant attention has been drawn to an artwork with the heading Face of Hospitality Cross River which is simply a replicant idea of her 6years hosted event “Miss Hospitality Ambassador Nigeria Beauty Pageant”.

It’s with sadness that we write to quickly react to this propose event as fraud and deliberate act to hijack our 6years of hardwork towards building this brand without proper acknowledgement or approval by the rightful owners of the idea.

This is totally unacceptable and we will do anything at our disposal to spread this act of intellectual property thief across all social media platform for the world to justify this act.

As member of the Association of Beauty Pageant and Fashion Exhibitors of Nigeria Cross River State Chapter, we will ensure that all beauty pageant organizers, models and fashion exhibitors are aware of this attempt of injustices, and an act of intellectual property thief.

As hospitality practitioners, we respect the cause that we pursue, and that’s to ensure that the sector gain relevance in all it totality in order to boost the tourism sector but when some people decides to deprive other people of their right, steal their ideas and hardwork, it becomes injustice.

We are certain that 99% of ITP Cross River Chapter members and the entire Cross Riverians and beyond are aware of Miss Hospitality Ambassador Nigeria Beauty Pageant which for the past few years has been hosted in partnership with the Hoteliers Association Cross River, an idea that gave birth to CALHOSFI including the hoteliers Association Cross River citywalk.

It may also interest everyone to note that this idea has been successfully nurtured over the past few years with the aim of building a recognized brand even with limited resources only for it to be hijacked by a group of people who have decided to replicate the name into Face of Hospitality Cross River just to render our many years of hardwork useless. We totally disagree with this plot.

By records there haven’t been any pageant as Face of Hospitality until Miss Hospitality came onboard. It will be wrong and very sad that after years of building a brand of such anyone will come from no where and want to steal a long toiled idea. So sad and inhuman. We will contest this injustice in whichever way we can.

We will contact all relevant authorities where we will contest this plot if need be.

Thank you!


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