Our Ref: ABPFEON CRS/03/VOL.1/007 29/03/2021 PRESS RELEASE
Due to logistics and other technical challenges, the Association of Beauty Pageant & Fashion Exhibition Organizers of Nigeria, Cross River State hereby regrettably announce a shift of her above stated event billed for 4th April, 2021 to a new date in May 2021. Sadly, the association deeply apologize for the inconveniences and effect this shift might cause our sponsors, nominees and most esteem fans but our priority is to ensure a befitting, well coordinated, packaged and executed award ceremony to reward deserving Cross Riverians come May 2021.

Passionately, we seek your understanding, kind support and contribution towards achieving this very conceptualize idea for a better pageantry sector in Cross River State as it were. To this end, we appreciate every single Pageant organizer who have supported the event thus far as we promise not to fail on delivering a successful event as promised.

We assure that every of your effort is well noted and recorded, accept our most assurance anytime. Thanks for your continuous support. Signed, Ago Raymond PRESIDENT- ABPFEON CRS.